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Welcome to Zazen Photo, the photography of Matthew Lane. I am an Atlanta-based photographer specializing in portaiture and still life. Although my interest in photography is broad, it is these two disiplines that drive me most.

I entered into the world of photography December of 2005, when I bought an SLR for my wife as a Christmas gift. She was wonderful with the point and shoot cameras, and I thought I would get her a more sophisticated device. While she appreciated my effort, the SLR was a bit more complicated and time consuming than she had originally hoped. I had done some research into using a more profesional camera before I bought her this one. Thus, I had been exposed to the craft a bit already. Trying to show her the full potential of the SLR, I started taking it everywhere. The next thing you know, I had jumped into photography full-tilt. My wife was amazingly supportive about my new passion, and I am lucky to have such a lovely model at home whenever I need her.

My love for this art form has grown more than I could have ever imagined. It has changed my life's perspective immensely. My focus is to create dymanic photographs that move and excite the viewer - just as beautiful photography inspires me. Throughout the various technical aspects of the practice, I came to know that Light is everything.

Why Zazen? Zazen is a form of sitting meditation as practiced in Zen Buddhism. Throughout my life, meditation continues to be the key to peacefulness and serenity. We must find our inner peace, and rise above the madness of a crazy, stressful world if we are to survive. Zazen is the word that reminds me to slow down, and take a moment to be calm and chill.

For what is a photograph? but a moment of stillness. a moment of peace. a snapshot in time. simply zen.